Friday, February 27, 2009

The Greatest View From Here

We have officially been in the city for 1 day. It doesn't really feel like one day, in fact, I feel like we've been here for AGES!  We arrived at 8am yesterday morning and had the greatest long day, ever (with the help of much caffeine)! Anna and I are staying with her sister's fiance's
brother (confusing), and he and his housemate are amazing! Lucky for us his housemate knows all the NYC celebrity gossip and where the guys and girls from The City hang out haha I love him already! The view out his window looks out to Olivia's apartment building! Pretty neat!
Yesterday we wondered around Tribeca, ate at this small sort of sketchy little restaurant (nothing is open at 11 am for food)! I got a BLT minus the bacon.. and Anna enjoyed a delicious huge plate of omelet. We walked around for most of the day and saw some sights. I had my interview and the people seem lovely... very kind, very helpful and it definitely looked like they want help. Fingers crossed for that one!
The office is like 5 steps away from the Park Plaza (HELLLLLOOO GOSSIP GIRL) so obviously Anna and I had an impromptu photo shoot! At night we hit up this great bar called Schiller's Liquor Bar (as recommended by the guys) and the atmosphere was great... a fun young local crowd! annd that was just day one! 

We are heading to SUSHISAMBA 7 tonight... mmm

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