Monday, February 16, 2009


News broke today that Facebook owns your life. I'm not too sure why this is suddenly "news" as anything you send through e-mail is automatically the property of the e-mail provider and the same applies to facebook, but anyway, when you post images, notes, whatever, Facebook can do what they like with it. I guess that means that the awful ads at the side of the page: "What's you credit score", "I made $1 million dollars last month" etc could feature my face. Ok, that's a bit scary! Facebook is a great tool for communication and I can't help but love it. 

I'm sure you've read someone's "25 Things" notes which flew around facebook faster than... well, faster than something really fast. It's late. I'm tired. So I found a video on YouTube which I need to share:

watch. love.



  1. AH! hahaha you beat me to it!! The Hubs and I just watched this last night and I loooooved it!!

  2. I added the guy that made the video to my facebook! ah, the irony! :)