Saturday, February 7, 2009

VISA must love me!

It's Saturday evening at 10:07pm and I have no money to spend at the bars this evening. It is entirely my fault as I saw a pair of the cutest Huntress boots in black that would be "perfect for walking to work" (this is what I told myself to justify the money). They now sit perfectly at my front door waiting for Monday morning at 7am, when I will rush out the door and jam my feet in to my new amazing boots. I am hoping they make my work outfit (scrubs) look a little cuter than they are; I have a feeling they may give the illusion of parachute pants, which were (questionably) cool 20 years ago and really should no longer be seen on anyone. Ever.

Hmm… I think I have a shopping problem. I find it not only fun, but it brings me all sorts of happiness both temporarily and long term. I rarely regret purchases (the exception being a $100 jacket I bought at a new store downtown that fell apart nearly instantly. ugh.) and I love everything hanging in my closet... There is nothing better than looking and feeling great!

These clothes are not for nothing (grammatically correct?). They are because I am searching for a real person job. I’m not entirely sure what happens in a real person job or how I am to go about obtaining such a position, but I do believe that a cute pencil skirt, great top and stellar shoes may help my cause!

So, in order to get said job, I am going to have to look work appropriate thus justifying my purchases of clothing, shoes and accessories. It makes sense to me!


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  1. Okay-- LOVE the new blog and layout!!!!! Where did you find this?!?! It's fantastic!!