Monday, February 23, 2009

You Gotta Hear this One Song, It'll Change your Life.

If you know me, you know I have an affinity for the movie Garden State. My love for this movie goes back several years and was deepened during my first year at University, where I spent countless hours watching it over and over with a few of my floormates. We were ridiculous and would sing "THREE TIMES A LADDDYYYY" as loud as we could at the top of our lungs! I think we even watched the commentary more times than I should probably admit... Anyway, the soundtrack is probably the best compilation of songs I have seen on one disc. A mix of upbeat, sad, trippy, cool... you name it, it's perfectly placed on the album.

List of songs:

1. "Don't Panic" - Coldplay
2. "Caring is Creepy" - The Shins
3. "In the Waiting Line" - Zero 7
4. "New Slang" - The Shins
5. "I Just Don't Think I'll Get Over You" - Colin Hay
6. "Blue Eyes" - Cary Brothers
7. "Fair" - Remy Zero
8. "One of These Things First" - Nick Drake
9. "Lebanese Blonde" - Thievery Corporation
10. "The Only Living Boy In New York" - Simon & Garfunkel
11. "Such Great Heights" - Iron and Wine
12. "Let Go" - Frou Frou
13. "Winding Road" - Bonnie Somerville

I got to thinking about this album as I was sitting at Starbucks early this morning (7am) waiting for the time to tick by before my work a few shops down began. The book I was reading couldn't keep my attention, so I just sat there enjoying my Caramel Macciato (yum) and taking in the music. The familiar sounds of Thievery Corporation came on and transported me back to those memories of watching the movie with Cars and Spense... 

Sorry, back to reality! I've been on the search for a band, album, compilation that in 5 years I will still enjoy... I love finding new music and am in dire need of something for my iPod. So, I'm throwing this out to the Universe... any songs I should hear? 


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  1. I totally agree with the garden state soundtrack comments, I think it’s probably my favorite soundtrack out there, the only ones that I listen to anywhere near as much are “Trainspotting” and “Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels”. I’m not suggesting that these albums are musts, both our high on my list but that’s partly due to nostalgia. However tracks from these that stand out (in no particular order);
    Sing – Blur- Trainspotting

    Hundred Mile High – Ocean Colour Scene – Lock Stock

    Give them a try, see what you think!