Sunday, March 1, 2009

Once Upon A ...Tart!

Day three was not nearly as jammed packed as our previous 2 adventures days, but it was glorious nonetheless. It began after only 2 hours of  sleep (good night last night): the lack of curtain on our huge windows (as Anna would say, we're living in a green house), an alarm clock beeping for three hours and a jackhammer outside at the justice building, we rolled out of the couches and sort of took several hours to get ready. Anna, Ryan and I walked to this great little places called Bubby's for some lunch/brunch and about 30 minutes later, we were sitting, eating and chatting away. We had SOHO planned for the day which was perfect for walking about. Ryan came for the walk and about an hour in (and several very girl stores later) he went back home and we continued to roam about. We stumbled upon "Once Upon a Tart" which we had googled prior to our arrival in the City and enjoyed some beverage/ food (Lemonade, Coca-Cola and some less than amazing coleslaw). After a bit more roaming, we hopped in a cab (Yesterday I had accidently left Anna's gorgeous sweater at SushiSamba... opps)... so in about 15 minutes, we were back at home, sweater in hand.
The lack of sleep for the last few days was kind of bogging us down, so Anna and I laid in our respective couches (mine is the full couch, Anna snagged the little one) and Ryan came in for a little basketball and a nap. About 2 hours later, the three of us were still a little in and out of consciousness, hadn't watched any of the game, but we're good-ish to get ready for the night. We had some grand plans, but we ended up just going to Bondi Road, a great Aussie restaurant. Unfortunately they didn't take reservations and we were waiting for ever (actually) for a table, the servers (perhaps owners) brought us drinks, appertizers and about 2 hours later, we finally got a booth. The food was amazing, fish flown in from Oz twice a week served how you like it (mmm fish and chips) and we ended up only having to pay for our main dish... even better!  After nearly falling asleep in our food (it was about midnight as this time) we paid, hopped in a cab and came back to our apartment that had a sheet hanging in the window. It was incredibly thoughtful and cute... we "awww"'d and passed out within minutes. 

Another great day in the City.


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