Thursday, March 19, 2009

Road Trip!

Last Friday I was pretty bored. I have this week off (March Break week) and after scouring the internet (and the mall) for cheap flights to the UK, I decided I didn't have $2000 to go away for the week. Disappointing, I know.  I ended up taking a road trip to Kentucky to see my family! 

The boarder crossing was wild and it ended up with my cousin getting a date with the American boarder crossing guy! What are the chances? I usually get grilled at the boarder and this time we drove though laughing and continued laughing for the next 10 hours! 

The drive is loooong. 12 hours door to door. Ahhh... tiring. But worth it for seeing family and 24 degree weather when it was freezing at home! ah ha! 

So as per usual I (mostly) lucked out with clothing on this trip. I was dying to see the McQueen collection at Target and make a special trip to Tennessee to see what it had to offer-- to find out that store wasn't one of the 150 stores that carried the line! Boo! I checked online and the clothing was pretty cute, but I guess I can live without it! I suspect this was a good thing, though because I was tipped off to this amazing Consignment store in Bowling Green called Beverly Hills. I scored a MARC JACOBS jacket for $6 (AHHH), a 3 dot top for $12, Michael Kors sandals for $20 and a few other things that were pretty amazing! Love!  I also bought these great navy heels with little pink dots that I thought would go super well with a dress I bought-- turns out they sort of clash, so I am now sitting here in my joggers and tee with cute heels on!! :)

I spent the rest of the time in my Aunt's coffee shop, Coffee And... drinking copious amount of coffee and other delicious beverages, reading loads of magazine and catching up with the family. I love the feel of an independent coffee shop, especially this one. There is a customer who is (I suspect) in his '80's and is amazing! He professionally played the piano as his career, lived in NYC and played Carneige Hall-- he also eats dessert and loves talking about this life back in NYC. He said that that if he comes across money, he'd love the move back to the Village. He is the cutest old man ever. If you have seen "The Holiday" he 100% reminds me of the old Hollywood guy! 

Back at home now catching up on hours of MTV via OnDemand. 


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