Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home is just not as fun!

I am back home and it's not nearly as fun as NYC... but that was to be expected! 

The last day in the city was an interesting one... it snowed and snowed and then snowed a little more! I mean, this is NY snow (I'd say a typical winter day in Ontario) and although it was snowy, I've been in far worse weather and I kid you not, the city shut down! It was intense!  We were calling/ checking the flights for hours and nothing had left Toronto and left NY from Toronto allll day... needless to say, we were slightly worried we'd be hanging out with the guys for one last night. They told us that the Canadian flights are always the first bumped, especially in bad weather (lucky us). They were convinced we would be joining them for one last dinner :) 

This basically left us unable to go anywhere that we wanted to in the morning, and we ended up just wandering to Petite Abeille... delicious breakfast food-- yum!  and to Starbucks before ending up back in the apartment and watching the latest episode of the City and looking at our apartment whenever they showed Olivia's place! 

We got to the airport and sat there for what felt like a long time. We made some friends (yes, Anna and I would go make friends in the airport!), shared magazines and passed my laptop with the internet around to all our fellow grounded friends. 

Luck was on our side and our plane was the first to leave for Toronto allll day: a 6:30pm flight! I was half happy and half sad. Saying goodbye to New York is never fun! 

Until I go again....



  1. at least you got to go to nyc. i've never been but i've always wanted to. le sigh.

  2. oh you must go! It's such a diverse and amazing city and once you in it, it really doesn't feel that big!